National Results

Result National 2018

1st Under-23th National Wrestling Championship

First U-15 National Wrestling Championships - 2018

Result National 2017

62nd Senior FS, GR Style and 20th Women Senior National Wrestling Championships, 2017

Result National 2016

Final Result Senior National Gonda - 2016

Result 2016 Junior

Result Sub Junior Assam-2016

Result National 2015

Result Cadet National Championship-2015

Result Senior National Championship-2015

Result Junior National Championship-2015

Result National 2014

Result Cadet National Championship-2014

Result Senior National Championship-2014

Result Junior National Championship-2014

Result National 2013

Result Cadet National Championship-2013

Result Senior National Championship-2013

Result Junior National Championship-2013

Result National 2012

Result Cadet National Championship-2012

Result Senior National Championship-20112

Result Junior National Championship-2012

Result National 2011

Result Cadet National Championship-2011

Result Senior National Championship-2011

Result Junior National Championship-2011

Result National 2010

Result Cadet National Championship-2010

Result Senior National Championship-2010

Result Junior National Championship-2010

Result National 2009

Result Cadet National Championship-2009

Result Senior National Championship-2009

Result Junior National Championship-2009

Result National 2008

Result Cadet National Championship-2008

Result Senior National Championship-2008

Result Junior National Championship-2008

Result National 2007


Result Senior National Championship-2007

Result Junior National Championship-2007

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